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Beliefs about Our Learners
All students can and will reach their potential. All teaching and learning should be founded in the belief that, with good teaching, the right support and sufficient time, every student can develop knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve at higher levels. Teachers need to believe in their students as learners, have high expectations, and see themselves as responsible for improving the learning achievement of their students.
At Gladstone Central State School, we recognise difference and diversity and cater for individuals within a supportive and supported ‘risk taking’ environment. Our primary focus in on the individual student, the ways in which they learn, their individual needs, behaviours, backgrounds and their learning preferences and styles to promote engagement and consistent achievement. Teaching should acknowledge, respect and accommodate the diverse experiences and knowledge that students bring with them to the classroom. Every child is an individual with unique capabilities which must be maximised. Lowering expectations is not appropriate.
Beliefs about Teaching and Learning
We believe quality teaching engages all students in learning experiences. Gladstone Central State School strives to provide a quality, contemporary curriculum that promotes connectedness, intellectual quality, academic rigour and a deep knowledge and understanding through integrated curriculum offerings that develop lifelong learning.
Quality teaching and learning experiences ensure that what is taught closely reflects the intended learning and that what is assessed reflects what is taught. This means that we expect quality and explicit teaching which is aligned with Gladstone Central State School’s Pedagogy Framework.
Gladstone Central is a futures orientated learning community that aims to prepare all students for lives beyond the school in careers not yet created. Digital pedagogy plays a significant role in all classrooms utilising a wide range of information and communication tools and strategies.
Australian Curriculum
From 2014 to 2020, Gladstone Central State School will be implementing the Australian Curriculum in all learning areas. In 2017, the school will move from Version 7.5 to Version 8.2+ of this curriculum in English, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education and the Arts.
Curriculum Teams
At Gladstone Central State School, Curriculum Teams meet regularly to cooperatively plan curriculum offerings and common assessment tasks, moderate student work and organise culminating activities. Curriculum Teams are created according to school focuses and needs.