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Excellence programs

iSTAR: Inspiring Science, Technology and Robotics.
We are doing amazing things with digital technologies here at Gladstone Central. As an "Early Launch School" of the Digital Technologies Curriculum in 2017, Central is committed to exploring and implementing innovative ways to support our students to use digital technologies in their learning.
Our iSTAR initiative (Science, Technology and Creative Robtoics) provides a unique and unbroken transition from primary to high school through to university where the individual talents of each students are supported by specialist teachers providing tuition at an advanced level.
What is the iSTAR Program?
The innovative iSTAR Program challenges those students with a love and a passion for the sciences to reach their highest academic potential in those subjects leading to careers and future leadership in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.
When considering suitable students, factors that extend beyond academic ability are closely considered. Candidates for this program must demonstrate an excellent work ethic and show commitment towards achieving their full academic potential.
The iSTAR Program aims to develop students as life-long learners so that they become:  
  • knowledgeable, with deep understanding
  • complete thinkers
  • creative
  • active investigators
  • effective communicators
  • independent and reflective learners
  • self-directed


Fundamental to iSTAR is the explicit teaching of higher order thinking skills essential to attaining optimum potential in the STEM fields. Skilful thinking is neither as natural nor as common as is often assumed, and is unlikely to develop automatically in every student. The fostering of thinking skills is integral to the iSTAR curriculum. The program includes special projects and participation in extension activities with a focus on the development of thinking and teamwork skills.
Please note: The school, in consultation with families, reserves the right to withdraw students from this program at any time.